Want to elevate your staff's skills?

There is never a better time than now to work on business improvements.

Check out SPEXY - the latest tool in staff management and training. Their team offers a wide range of services:

  • Staffing and New Hires
  • Optimizing the frame selection for your optical:
  • Team motivation and optical growth
  • Social media traction
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Ready for some SPEX Education?

Whether you are new to this optical world or just want a great foundation

SPEXY 101 will give a full and complete understanding of all things optical to get you rolling in no time! With simplified explanations and thorough demonstrations, you will be ready to conquer the optical!
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Teaching you everything school failed to mention.

Running a small business is exhausting! Opticals will transform their success with the monthly guidance found in SPEXY University.



Give your team the foundation they deserve.

Created for new hires in optical, SPEXY 101 has far exceeded its intent as experienced opticians are also amazed at what they are learning with SPEXY 101.


Your solution to propelling your optical production.

A revolutionary way to measure, monitor, track, scale and grow your optical...that anyone on your team can use.​ Let us introduce you to FrameTurn®.